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Improving the Unit, Iztapalapa

Mexico City, 2015

Our proposal for INFONAVIT’s (the National Workers’ Housing Fund Institute) call for projects “Mejorando la Unidad” (Improving the Unit) can be summed up as “living outdoors”; a proposal for transformation based on a mapping-assessment carried out by our studio in June 2015 at the San Francisco units in Iztapalapa.

The aim of our proposal is to build and give a new character to outdoor spaces, in order to make them part of the habitat and as an extension of private spaces.

We have conceived this communal space as a friendly unit, featuring areas and programs that strengthen and improve the resident’s quality of life. An outdoor space that gives people reasons to be in it, inhabit and take over it, so that it becomes an indissoluble part of everyday life.

In this way, we propose a series of design actions which give a new character to the space associated to the housing vocation, while trying to integrate and give a new character to the nearest outdoor spaces.

Yet our idea, beyond proposing a complete, concrete project, is to generate a vision and an initial design that serves as catalyst for other actions which, together with the participation of the people, will gradually contribute to the total re-characterization of the residences and the collective or communal space.

Área de proyecto

8,862 sqm








Conceptual Design

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