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Manuel Acuna Plaza

Saltillo, Coahulia, 2017

Área de proyecto

8178 sqm








Intentions // We seek to reactivate an existing plaza in a low-density residential environment, with the aim of generating a meeting space, flexible, that can respond to the needs of the inhabitants of the area while keeping open the possibility of integrating into a system of public spaces in the sector. Respecting what is already there, maintaining the location of the main elements and reusing the existing sidewalks; reinterpreting them, adding elements and activities that take advantage of the available space. Project actions // As previously mentioned, we maintain the location of the main elements that make up the plaza (the sports fields and the central pathway), and among these we locate a playground and a skate park, all tied by a bike path that marks a circuit in between of the programs enunciated and that is projected to continue in the future through Mirador Street and possibly by the Museum of the Desert Boulevard. The rainwater that currently flows through the central pathway will be collected in a cistern located under said pathway, to be used in the irrigation of the green areas of the park. 200 new trees will be planted, among tall trees, local trees with low water demand, riverside trees and palms with medium water demand, in total 14 different tree species; apart from the 9 species of ground cover plants that will occupy the green areas. The materiality of the architectural elements as well as the species of trees and ground cover plants has been selected under the criterion of minimum maintenance and cost, without neglecting considerations such as safety and aesthetics.


Jorge Torres, Martín Barroso, Joel Cruz, Oscar Juárez, Juan Manjarrez, Fernando Ochoa, Mario Pliego, Alejandra Reyes, Aldo Urban, Kenneth Wilson.

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