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Memorial to the Victims of Violence in México

Mexico City, 2014

To create a public space for the city. A commemorative space for the victims of violence means transforming this part of the city. This is achieved through a topographic action that suggests a spatial and conceptual duality. Descent and ascent, darkness and light. The crater-shaped memorial space materializes impact, pause and absence:

The crater, located on the lowest level, is formed by a circle of oblique walls that open out to the earth and to the sky; it opens out toward the heavens and hope. There is a space of containment and reflection; the space generates the conditions for thought, retrospection and memory. We find ourselves standing in a sober and essential space formed by stone and steel walls carrying names and drawings, water and sky.

The radial paths originate in the circular space and lead out to a lush park. The paths ascend, undoing the descending paths, and leading to the park with stones on which we can read the names of victims and texts related to the topic. The paths continue going up until they reach the park level, where the eye is attracted to colorful trees, symbols of the struggle and of blood as life. Along the paths we find texts and the names of victims.

The natural park will remain basically unchanged. However, it will be improved thanks to the careful maintenance of its species. The project will keep the cedar and ash trees, while also adding new colorful trees at the path exits.

The access plaza as a nexus and link between the memorial space and the city. Generally speaking, there are four types of species: conifer, ash, cedar and eucalyptus trees. While there are plans to remove all eucalyptus trees in Chapultepec Park, all ash, cedar and conifer trees will be preserved as much as possible. Some ash trees will remain where they are, whereas others will be replanted in strategic locations recommended in the project.

Área de proyecto

15,000 sqm








Conceptual design


Jesica Amescua, Brenda Ceja, Liliana Ramirez, Guillermo Ramirez, Edgar Martinez, Christian Ortega, Carlos Verón, Aldo Urban, Daniela Dávila, Miguel Marquez, José Luis Martinez, Paulina de Luna, Iohanna Kuppers, Jorge Torres, Paolo Gonzalez, Rogelio Rodriguez, Juan Verón. Fotografías: Sandra Pereznieto, Christian Ortega, Luby Springall, Daniel Jaimes.

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