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National Museum of Energy and Technology

Mexico City, 2014

We strive towards a living museumfrom and for the city, because it is located in Bosque de Chapultepec, a park that is part of the city’s center. Living from the project because it should materialize the museum’s character and potential as a civic and cultural space; living because of its content, referring to energy, an essential theme; living in use and appropriation.

In broad terms, we could summarize our proposal as a project that strives to work based on the concepts of city and architecture.

With regard to the city, we want to create a piece that keeps in mind the interaction with its surroundings, especially Bosque de Chapultepec, given that it is a part of it. As for architecture, it means creating a building that operates in terms of an outdoor-indoor permeability with the best sustainable resources so that it becomes an exemplary building as well as a communicator of what it contains; a building conceived for the people in its spaces, an easy reading, and its use and appropriation.

We want to generate a piece that is immersed in the city as part of an urban park; addressing the issue and its character as a contemporary art museum related to energy and technology, and taking into account the visitor’s experience.

We focus on its reading as a lived experience, in all its possible readings from the shape that is related to the landscape to the interior space being in almost permanent relation with the exterior spaces. In this way, we generate a design proposal that addresses the surroundings and the site’s condition, generating a permeable piece that is strongly connected to it.

Moreover, in terms of mobility, particularly, we propose some options that allow for the various sections of Chapultepec to be reconnected, trying in this way to solve the border situation created by the outer beltway (“eje periférico”).

Área de proyecto

42,000 sqm




National Museum of Energy and Technology




Architectural project

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