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Prototype of Rural Housing

Apan, Hidalgo , 2017

In his book, The Embodied Image, Juhani Pallasmaa talks about the importance of the house arguing that architecture originates from the idea and experience of the home.  The highest condensation of the existential meaning is found in the images of inhabiting and dwelling. Due to its primal importance, the house is still the project of highest intensity next to the ones dedicated to faith and cult.

This house is designed for peasants in the state of Hidalgo in central Mexico. Unfortunatelely peasants in Mexico live in very poor conditions and most of their houses lack of the minumun standards of sanity, weather adaptability,

safety and space, contributing to unhealthy relationships provoked by misery; alcoholism and violence are commonly found. We are positive that a well designed dwelling is essential to the well being of the family; the quality of space can contribute to the pride, self respect and harmony of the inhabitants.

Our project aims to give the family the best standards of space, size, materiality, light, weather adaptability and adaptability and size increment in time.

It is thought to be self built in diferent stages. The house has 64 sqm and its integrated by the minimum spaces for a family of 6 members.

The dwelling base is a module of 3.30 x 3.30 m which can be repeated as many times as desired depending on the needs and possibilities of the family.

Materiality is very important for several reasons: easy constructability, weather, and emotional and historical relationship with the red brick. It is designed with the most economical structure using self supporting walls. Trough the relationship between interior and exterior, it pretends to create a link between the inhabitant and the site; it pretends to build bonds with the community and help to the apropriation of the place.

Área de proyecto

64 sqm






En construcción


Conceptual Design, Architectural Project


Itzel Barradas, Martín Barroso, Joel Cruz, Cristal Gordillo, Paola Hernandez, Oscar Juárez, Mario Pliego, Fernando Ochoa, Laura Revelo, Alejandra Reyes, Erick Rodriguez, Susana San Juan, Kenneth Wilson.

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