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RHS Red House Saltillo

Saltillo, Coahulia, 2017

A re-densification project was created with an occupational proposal that will free an important part of the plot in order to generate a space-patio, a cohabitation unit for the users; this, in turn, is linked to the street public space and contributes from its small scale in the construction of the city.

This ordering generates an interesting piece and geometric proposal, which materializes a slender main facade towards the street and another new lateral facade, oriented to the northeast and open towards the common space towards which all of the housing units open. A mixed-use ground floor is also proposed, adding to the activation of the urban space.

In summary, Red House Saltillo project is committed to an urban densification and repeatable proposal in the city; a bet of housing in a code of “houses” related and linked to the community space and in clear connection to the urban public space.

Área de proyecto

439 sqm








Conceptual Design, Architectural Project


Itzel Barradas, Paola Ampudia, Martín Barroso, Joel Cruz, Natalia Ferolla, Itzel Fuentes, Jorge Torres, Fernando Ochoa, Mario Pliego, Laura Revelo, Alejandra Reyes, Erick Rodriguez, Susana San Juan, Ana Voegelin, Kenneth Wilson.

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