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Single Family Regional Housing

León, Guanajuato, 2014

The project proposes an affordable housing complex that lends quality of life to its residents by adapting to local climate conditions, using appropriate materials that correspond to current sustainability conditions, and by striving for a strong connection between indoor and outdoor spaces that fosters growth in the community.

The site is located in León, in a hypothetical plot of land located in the city’s urban area, and measures 10,000 square meters approximately. The complex contains 62 houses arranged in blocks; the number of houses varies in each one. These blocks share a large common area distributed in a fragmentary scheme in the center of the complex.

As part of the proposal’s concept, outdoor space is considered as important as indoor space for life in the community to be healthy and to improve relationships among residents. For this reason, we chose a layout in which car traffic is not prioritized over pedestrian and recreational spaces. The concept for the complex is a series of green spaces, plazas and housing blocks in constant relation. Comfortable spaces for walking and recreational activities are generated by common areas (green areas + plazas) that comprise a large park that will coexist with the residences.

Área de proyecto

12,226 sqm


Vivienda colectiva






Conceptual Design

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