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Urban Forest – Cuernavaca Railroad

Mexico City, 2016

Despite its origins and history, Mexico has an ecological debt with its territory and people. The Cuernavaca Railway Avenue, as it’s known today, with its history and strategic position inside the city due to the neighborhoods it crosses and connects is the perfect opportunity: the opportunity to generate an URBAN FOREST.

Opportunity / Concept: Urban forests are qualified spaces with numerous environmental and social advantages. The opportunity lies in creating a 4.5 km long urban forest that builds city and public spaces, generates a spirit of community and contributes to the feelings of appropriation and empowerment of neighbors and users from this part of the city. We’re not looking for the creation of a finished project, rather, we want to generate a project direction that, with an open view and by socializing and participating with the community, a medium and long term project can be achieved and built.

Project and sustainability: Urban Forest (UF) has to be a sustainable operation in spatial, technologic, social, and temporal terms; in other words, from the immediate, medium term and even long term; a project that conceives the actions over the territory as operations full of guarantees for the future use of resources.

UF aims to make use of resources through efficient strategies for rainwater harvesting systems, use of photovoltaic cells for the generation of electrical power, sustainable waste management and use of compost for urban agriculture. UF is therefore a transformation project for the actual Cuernavaca Railway corridor which connects different parts of an important and strategic centrality of Mexico City.

Área de proyecto

4.5km, 136,000 sqm / Sector 2: 1.4 km, 25,988 m2




SEDUVI, Miguel Hidalgo Municipality




Conceptual Design, Architectural Project


Oscar Juárez, Eugenia Díaz, Jesica Amescua, Jorge Torres, Paola Ampudia, José Luis Durán, Aldo Urban, Francisco Ramírez, Thelma Seguí, Erick Rodriguez, Daniela Dávila, Juan Isaac Monterrosa, Juan Manuel Manjarrez, Lorena Nuñez, Roberto López, Itzel Fuentes, Joel Cruz, Ana María Padron, Mariana Pérez, Diego Valadez, Alejandra Nucamendi, Natalia Ferolla, Alejandra Reyes, Abraham Fonseca, Laura Revelo, Kenneth Wilson, Ana Voegelin, Rodrigo Trejo, Itzel Barradas, Fernando Ochoa, Jacopo Giovanni Sapienza, Diego Chávez, Daniela Alvarez, Perpetuo, Bruno Gaeta, Yago Muñoz, Eugenio Casillas, Andrés Azzolina, Carlos Verón, Pablo Ochoa, NOD. Asesores especiales: Elena Tudela, Hugo Sánchez, Tonatiuh Martínez, Rolando Springall, Guillermo Springall, Héctor Margain, Gene Towle, Gustavo Avilés, Omar Saad y Jimena de Gortari.

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