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Urban Promenade Monumento a la Madre

Mexico City, 2016

Our main goal was to activate the social processes for urban renovation and revitalization, which can help improve the inhabitant’s quality of life, as well as that of the temporary population, through a territorial, social, and economic equilibrium for the benefit of the city. For this reason, we have created a project that understands and embraces the heritage of the area and the context, from the conviction that architecture and context have to work together and actively create a unit. We aimed to create an active and activating space, one that is part of a System of Public Spaces, qualified and appropriated by the people and at the same time that it helps build a mayor system: THE CITY. Taking into account the detected problems – the strong boundaries created due to the existing parking lot which complicates the use and spatial qualities of the park –, the project articulates a list of actions based on sustainability and social participation.

A ramp originates from the level of Insurgentes Avenue and reaches over to cover the pedestrian access to the parking lot. This mantle covers the existing structures, creating a connection with the surrounding public spaces through an axial route that hierarchizes the system of public spaces and the sequence of squares through a longitudinal route. The ramp is followed by a set of grandstands looking over towards the playgrounds, the event area and the monument; building a figurative social exchange forum, and a place where theatrical workshops can take place.

The ramped mantle is coordinated with small semi-sunk spaces which generate different environments. At the same time the mantle incorporates green elements located strategically over existing columns, which will shelter vegetation of medium and large sizes.

All of the design actions are directed towards generating an urban space with high social and environmental quality in which water, plant life and the people are the fundamental elements.

Área de proyecto

35,939 sqm






Conceptual design


Jesica Amescua, Paola Ampudia, Natalia Ferolla, Laura Revelo, Kenneth Wilson, Diego Chávez, Itzel Fuentes, Ana Voegelin, Daniela Dávila, Jorge Torres, Oscar Juárez, Aldo Urban, Erick Rodríguez, Joel Cruz, Diego Valadez. MAQUETAS // Isaac Monterrosa, Rodrigo Trejo, Itzel Barradas, Fernando Ochoa, Daniela

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